Caitlin Harris specializes in shooting special events, concerts, editorial, commercial, and portraits.


Before the Shoot:

-Caitlin designs the perfect package to fit each clients budget and what they would like to accomplish from each photo shoot during a one-on-one consultation.

During the shoot:

-Caitlin arrives early to your location to set up for your shoot and figure out the areas with the best lighting and environmental elements to meet the goal and feeling of the shoot.
-Caitlin has great people skills in making clients feel comfortable when giving directions so everyone involved has a fun experience.

After the Shoot:

-Unretouched images after your shoot via private online gallery or CD to choose the images you would like retouched and/or printed.
-Professional Retouching of your favorite shots to smooth and refresh skin available.
-Black and White and Special Effects editing options are also available.
-All images include enhanced color correction and sharpening if needed.
-After your order is placed, prints arrive from a professional lab and can be delivered to your door or picked up from Caitlin.